The Pinx Film Festival

If you make it, they will come... - Field of Dreams (1989)

We believe in the power of cinema and we believe every single word from this legendary line from the movie 'Field of Dreams'.
Submit to a film festival that believes in your art and you. A film festival carefully curated and organized by movie buffs who have dedicated their whole life to movies.
We love watching movies and are astonished to see new talent that keeps coming up and achieve new success. We just want to be part of your success story by giving you a leverage by submitting to us and showcasing your craftsmanship in the field of film making / acting / film technology to the world.

You had an idea, and now that you have made the movie, submit it to us to get a chance to win the prestigious title of being the BEST.

Accepting submissions exclusively on FilmFreeway

Prizes To Be Won

Best Short Film Winner : US$ 5000 + Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera + MacBook Pro 16" + DJI Mavic 3 Pro
Payment to the winners will be made only by Paypal. Paypal charges are included in the winning prize money and the final amount reimbursed to you could be less because it depends on the transaction fee of Paypal.

All winners in the remaining categories will get a Digital Certificate (Soft copy) of Winning which will include their name, project name, year and a personal appreciation note from the Festival organizer. Apart from the certificate they will get a Winning Laurel and Listing on our website as WINNER.

We are constantly engaging with newer sponsors hence the prizes are likely to be increased in the future. 

The Pinx Film Festival proudly accepts entries exclusively on FilmFreeway, the world's #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests.

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Festival Timeline

19 June 2023

Cinema Film

Opening Date

Start submitting your prestigious project to us. Take advantage of the link above to get massive discount.

31 December 2023

Film Camera

Earlybird Deadline 

Submit your project before the earlybird deadline ends. Take benefit from the early bird pricing and additional discounts.

31 March 2024

Cinema clapboard

Regular Deadline

In case you missed a chance to take advantage of early bird pricing, you can still submit your project before the regular deadline ends.

31 May 2024

Time Clock

Late Deadline

In case your project was underway during the earlybird and regular deadline, you can still submit your project before late deadline ends.

31 July 2024

Deadline clock

Extended Deadline

We understand that making movie is a hectic job and extenuating circumstances do come up. In case, for any reason if you were not able to submit until the late deadline, please submit your project before extended deadline to be included in our film festival.

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About Us

We are a non-publicly listed Festival and Award Show. This means that only filmmakers with our unique festival link can submit their entries to us. This facilitates us to curate an EXCLUSIVE Award Show that offers better experience and competition for our entrants. The entrants in our festival are 'BY INVITE ONLY'. We only invite a limited number of entrants based on their past and present work, on the basis of our own proprietary evaluation matrix.
Unlike, other festivals which get thousands of entries and do not even get to watch your movie. We limit our entries by keeping a non public profile and watch every movie, considering all categories your movie applied for, sometimes even multiple viewing is done to evaluate your work. Your movie is seen by multiple judges before the final decision is made.

Do submit your precious movie to us to be part of an Exclusive Short Film Event.
We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

We value the spirit of the film and spirit of the film maker above everything else, like budget and production value in money. The value of your movie lies NOT in money but the VISION of the artists working in the movie.
We feel emotionally connected to the art of film making and it is our passion project to bring to light the emerging artists from the entertainment industry.

If you are a Backyard Indie maker, that's even even better. We believe that backyard film making has always touched upon subjects that are generally overlooked by commercial cinema.


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Humble message and request to every Submitter

Making a movie is not merely a task, it's a grand symphony of harmony that binds together a multitude of talented individuals, each performing their distinct yet crucial role. Think of your film as a canvas on which the entire crew has painted, each stroke as vital as the last, weaving a tapestry of creative brilliance. Each person, each role, has contributed to your film's distinctive character, bringing your vision to life.

The director and lead actors are often the faces that audiences remember, but there's a whole village at work behind the scenes. The editors, spending countless hours to ensure each scene transitions smoothly, creating the rhythm of the narrative. The lightsmen, painting the scenes with their luminance, setting the right tone and mood. The cinematographer, transforming your script into visual poetry, crafting each frame with meticulous detail.

The supporting actors, bringing depth and complexity to your story, enriching the narrative fabric. The child actors, delivering innocence and charm that can touch the deepest corners of our hearts. The set designers and the costume designers, creating the look, the feel, the time, and the place, transforming mere locations into living, breathing worlds.

Remember the sound designers, the script supervisors, the makeup artists, the production designers, the music composers, the special effects team, and the many others who have poured their heart and soul into this project. Each of them has contributed a vital piece to the grand puzzle that is your film.

Submitting your film to a festival is more than just an opportunity to receive recognition for your work; it's a chance to honor the collective effort of this incredible team. It's about showcasing the magic that can happen when a group of dedicated professionals, from diverse disciplines, come together with a singular purpose - to create a truly great film.

Embrace this chance not just to compete for the most known categories, but for all. Because every member of your crew, every piece of the puzzle, deserves to be acknowledged. It's about the recognition of the symphony of talent that came together in synchronicity, each person a vital note in your film's extraordinary composition.

So, I encourage you to submit your film for as many categories as possible. Every award, every nomination, is an opportunity to highlight the remarkable effort and skill of your team, an ode to the collective spirit that drives the magic of cinema. Remember, it is this inclusive spirit that truly defines great filmmaking. Embrace it. Celebrate it.

In the pursuit of recognition and honor for every hand that toiled and every mind that envisioned, I urge you to consider casting a wide net of competition. By choosing the "ALL APPLICABLE CATEGORIES" option, you will ensure that your masterpiece vies for honors across all categories at the film festival. This not only simplifies the submission process for you but also amplifies the possibilities of acclaim, serving as a beneficial course both practically and financially. It's an assertion of faith in the breadth and depth of talent your team has offered, an affirmation that the recognition of their craft matters. Make the choice that respects and acknowledges the orchestra of individuals behind your cinematic symphony - choose all applicable categories.

On FilmFreeway, select "ALL APPLICABLE CATEGORIES" and your entry will be competing in all categories of film festival.

Several of our past participants have cultivated a practice that not only ensures a comprehensive representation of their film in the festival but also encourages an active engagement from their entire team. They initiate this process by simply forwarding this email to the entire crew, thereby enabling each member to understand the opportunities for their specific role.

Alternatively, some creators embrace a different approach to amplify inclusivity. Upon receiving this email, they inform their entire crew about the submission process. Subsequently, those crew members who are not registered on the portal have the option to contribute their category-specific entry fee to a designated point of contact, typically the film's producer or director.

This single point of contact, already active on the portal, then steps in to fulfill a role that transcends their immediate duties. They become a champion for the crew, consolidating the collective aspirations and submitting entries on behalf of all interested crew members. This strategy not only streamlines the submission process but also strengthens the sense of unity and shared ambition within the team.

In certain instances, some producers or directors take an extraordinary step further to solidify the bond of their team. Recognizing the potential of their collective work, they shoulder the responsibility of the entry fee for their crew members, effectively submitting on their behalf for the various categories. This gesture, a testament to their generosity and leadership, underscores their deep commitment to the project and the people behind it.
This act goes beyond the monetary value; it is an investment in acknowledging the talent, dedication, and hard work of every individual who contributed to the making of the film. By bearing the cost of submission, the producer or director amplifies the unified spirit of the project, fostering an environment of inclusivity, respect, and shared ambition.
As a producer or director considering this path, your contribution can have a profound impact, resonating far beyond the festival itself. It becomes a symbol of your faith in the team, a commendation of their efforts, and a recognition of their importance in the film's success. In a world often fixated on star names and headline roles, your act of generosity ensures that every artist, every craftsperson who played a part in your project, is given their deserved chance to shine. And that, in itself, is an embodiment of true leadership.

In adopting either of these approaches, the entire film crew becomes deeply invested in the festival journey. Each member feels seen and valued, reinforcing the understanding that their individual efforts contribute to the larger, shared success of the film.

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